2016-2017 Race Calendar

Mountain Bike season takes place during the Fall semester, followed by Road Bike Season in the Spring.  All skill levels are welcome to compete!  Join the team and we’ll get you up to speed on everything you’ll need to race.

Mammoth Mountain Team Camp

We are returning to Mammoth Mountain for 2016-17 team camp! We will be riding the bike park on September 3 and 4 and anyone is welcome to join us.


2016 Mountain Bike Races

  • 9/24-9/25 UNR
  • 10/1-10/2 Stanford
  • 10/8-10/9 Berkeley
  • 10/15-10/16 UCSC
  • 10/21-10/23 Mountain Bike Nationals
  • 10/29-10/30 Humboldt
  • 11/5-11/6 UCSB
  • 11/12-11/13 Cal Poly

2017 Road schedule is currently not determined. Please check back often or search the group Nevada cycling on Facebook to get in closer contact with the team!

Current Collegiate results: here

Western Collegiate Cycling Conference Schedule page: here



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