Conference Champs in the Bs (Race Report)

Bam Solster signing on. Last weekend I journeyed down to Woodland for WCCC Conference Championships road race. I signed in for the Bs just in time to snag the last waiver. It was very windy, but temps were very nice. Maybe a bit too hot. We rolled out at 1:35 with probably 40 riders making up the group. The first few laps were pretty low key with a move or two getting nowhere. On lap 4, Jeff Byrd from Fresno State put in a big attack and proceeded to hold off the pack with another rider (Cal?) for a few laps. Lap 6 found the pair back in the pack, and my legs hinting at cramping. Apparently the 2 bottles of mix I had put down did not help much.

There were many attacks on lap 6, or two-to-go. The pace was very high and echelons formed on the crosswind sections. Fortunately, I had the legs to keep in the front echelon and in the front. With one to go, things were a bit chaotic, as the situation was unclear; whether there was one or two riders up the road. Davis chased hard on the last lap, and we soon learned it was only one man, from Cal. On the back straightaway, a farm tractor was let out in front of the main pack, greatly hampering our chase. The Cal rider was within grasp. On a long stretch, the group overtook the tractor (a terrible idea in any situation), and all came through unscathed. The final straight into the final corner was pure chaos, as any finale is. Riders jockeying for position in a brutal right crosswind, and several teams trying to get a lead out going. I freelanced my way through the traffic, as I was alone in the race.

Coming into the final bend, UCSB had two riders driving the pace 20 feet ahead of us. A Davis rider jumped, and I latched onto his wheel. He slowed to pause on the UCSB riders on the left. I immediately decided to punch through the hole on the right. I launched hard into the headwind and poured everything into the pedals, hoping the Davis rider had been boxed in. I could see the Cal rider sitting up as he crossed the line. With 50 to go, I could hear him coming on my left. With the last bit of energy, I launched a desperate sprint to the line, and gave a bike throw for good measure. It was close, very close. After consulting with the referees, I learned that the camera had shut off, and consequently, our duel was not captured on film. The refs gave 2nd to the Davis rider, and bumped me to third. I strongly disagree with the decision, but have to live with it. No camera, no review. It was still a good race nonetheless, and one that tested me the whole way through. Until next year!

Sam Bolster leading out the Men's B racers at UCD Road Race

Sam Bolster leading out the Men’s B racers at UCD Road Race (Conference Championships)

UNR Home Collegiate Race Wrapup

UNR’s home collegiate races were a great success.  The team would like to thank all the racers, volunteers and sponsors who came together to make the event possible!  We had an improved turnout from last year for the Campus Criterium, and both the Time Trial and the Cold Springs Road Race saw exciting battles.  Results are posted here on the WCCC Cycling Site.

Nevada Cycling had notable results in several categories.  In the brutal criterium, the Men’s B racers had a very strong showing, taking 2nd (Matt Fanfelle), 4th (Jeff Stein) and 6th (Justin Clark).   Representing the lady wolves, Erica Greif sprinted for 5th in the Women’s A Category.  Also, new team members for this reason season Aaron Anderson and Nathan Berch had some of their best finishes yet, placing 8th and 13th respectively.

Erica also got an awesome writeup in the sagebrush profiling her road season, check it out!

Matt Fanfelle rocking it in the Men's B Criterium

Matt Fanfelle rocking it in the Men’s B Criterium

Erica Taking a 40mph turn in the Women's A Category

UNR’s Erica Greif taking a 40mph turn in the Women’s A Category

The Red Rock Road Race took our collegiate racers through the rolling hills north of Reno to the California state line, rolling through suburbs, farmland, and sagebrush.  Aside from a few feral horses and llamas, the racers had very little traffic to contend with.    UNR’s Eric Greif held on in the sprint for a 2nd place finish, rounding out a strong weekend for her.  Matt Fanfelle also built upon his criterium results with another 2nd place in the road race, with Jeff Stein not far behind in 6th.  Justin Bumgardner (UNR’s “most improved” rider from Death Valley Training Camp) also placed 8th in the Men’s C group.

UNR’s Home Collegiate Race and Campus Criterium

UNR’s home collegiate race is coming up on April 13th and 14th! The locations will be the same as 2012 – Saturday’s events include the 7 mile Cold Springs Team Time Trial and the challenging UNR Campus Criterium. Sunday will feature the renowned Red Rock Road Race, ranging from 44 miles to 88 depending on category.

The UNR Campus Criterium will feature open USA Cycling Categories for Men’s, Women’s and Junior categories with cash and prizes, including lots of contributions from local businesses! The course is a 0.7 mile loop at the northern edge of the beautiful UNR campus, with a punchy power climb and some technical turns. It’s a great race for spectators too!

UC Berkeley Race Recap

Nevada had a solid turnout this past weekend at UC Berkeley’s home races. Matt Fanfelle took 1st in the Men’s B criterium and 3rd in the brutal road race. Erica Greif also took 3rd in the Women’s A road race and 5th in the crit, pushing her into 2nd place for the Women’s A omnium!


Matt Fanfelle after his 3rd place MB finish in the Berkeley Road Race

Erica Greif from UNR on the Road Race descent (on her way to a 3rd place finish)

Erica Greif from UNR on the Road Race descent (on her way to a 3rd place finish)


WOW March.2 edition Criterium Race winner workout

Workout of the Week (WOW) March, second week, 2013 (March.2.13)
This post will be categorized in our coaches corner page.

Criterium Race Winner workout.

Often in Criteriums the race is relatively easy at the start, then gets harder and harder toward the end as the speed increases and more dangerous attacks get off the front. Some races end in field sprints, but many also end with a small group making it off the front and sticking it out until the end. This workout simulates a number of attacks and hard efforts which would be common during criterium racing in which you tried multiple moves, one stuck, and you sprint from that group for the win. Try it- make sure you go super hard (race pace) and the workout only lasts an hour or 1.5 hrs, so short, fast, and sweet.

This workout focuses on 5 minute efforts, or “matches” that are burned during efforts to break away and then sprint for the win. Try to keep the power above 106% FTP for the entire interval. Rest for 5-8 minutes between intervals. Complete 3-6 intervals depending on fitness, category, and time of year, or continue them until you cannot keep the power in the VO2 max power range for at least 4 minutes. Don’t worry if the last 1 or 2 efforts are very hard to get through, that is what it is supposed to feel like- racin’ ain’t easy!

• Warm up: At least 20 mins and then do a 5 minute interval at high tempo. Rest 5 mins. Do a 2 minute high cadence interval (110-120rpm), and then 1 minute all out with 3 min RBI.
• Main set: Ride in tempo zone until you are up to consistent speed (about 1 minute), then do an all-out sprint and breakaway attempt out of the saddle, followed by settling in to VO2 zone for 5 minutes. For the last 30 seconds, try to find a road marker at the end of about 200 meter and sprint for it. Complete 4-5 break and sprint efforts.
• Cool down: Cool down well for at least 15 minutes, and so some high cadence, low power spins.

Scot Ferguson is a USAC level 2 coach and certified in Power Based
Training (CPBT). Scot is a long time collegiate cyclist and raced for many
years with the UNR cycling team. He now coaches the UNR cycling team as well
as his own personal clients and strives to help them succeed. Additional
information about his coaching programs and contact with Scot can be found at

Nevada Cycling Takes 9th Overall at Collegiate Mountain Bike Nationals

Trevor Thomassen killing his Dual Slalom run at Nationals in Angelfire, NM

The UNR Wolf Pack sent a large contingent of racers to Collegiate Mountain Bike Nationals in Angelfire, New Mexico, and the team placed 9th overall in the omnium points!  This is the best finish for UNR as a team that we have on record, and it’s due in large part to the 10 male and female riders who were able to qualify for Nationals, which is a feat in itself.

Casey Coffman also placed 5th in overall points, and Kristy Peck placed 14th in the women’s individual division!  These two stood out with competitive finishes in all four events (Downhill, Dual Slalom, Short Track and Cross Country).  The team wants to thank all our sponsors who made this season a success, and we’d especially like to thank the Associated Students of the University of Nevada for their timely sponsorship of the team.  It takes a great deal of resources to send 10 student riders halfway across the country to race, and our sponsors made it possible for us to be competitive at the national level again this year!  UC Berkeley, Fresno State and UC Santa Barbara races are still yet to come, and UNR is working hard to win the overall conference title this season.

Here are the full results for UNR racers:

Team Omnium

9th University of Nevada, Reno

Individual Omnium Points

5 Casey Coffman

14 Kristy Peck

Dual slalom

19 Casey Coffman
24 Trevor Thomassen
35 Ben Jones

22 Kristy Peck

Short Track

24 Matthew Fanfelle
37 Casey Coffman
63 Jeremy Smith

22 Erica Greif
29 Kristy Peck


15 Casey Coffman
27 Christian Parker
34 Trevor Thomassen
42 Ben Jones
61 Oakley Erickson

20 Kristy Peck


27 Matthew Fanfelle
38 Casey COffman
59 Jeremy Smith

19 Erica Greif
23 Kristy Peck

UNR riders dominate at Humboldt State

The Wolf Pack racers returned victorious from Humboldt State’s race in Whiskeytown, CA.  Nearly every podium in the race had a spot filled by Nevada!  Full results are here.

  • UNR’s Trevor DeRuise took 1st place in Men’s A Cross-Country.
  • Casey Coffman placed 1st in Men’s A Super-D.
  • Katie Ashley took 2nd in Women’s A Downhill.
  • Kristy Peck took 3rd in the Women’s A Super-D.
  • Matt Fanfelle placed 3rd in Men’s A Hill Climb (which was pure suffering by all accounts).
  • Tanner DeGiovanni ransacked the Men’s B categories, with a win in Men’s B XC, 3rd in Super D, and 3rd in the Hill Climb!
  • Megan Ludwig took 3rd in the Women’s B hill Climb (closely followed by Kristin Kosak in 4th).
  • John Feeney took 3rd in Men’s C Cross-Country and 2nd in the Mens Hill Climb.

With those podium finishes and lots of entries in the top ten, UNR is now leading the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference in overall points!  Several riders are also now qualified for Nationals in Angelfire, NM, which is coming up in only a couple weeks.

We’ll be discussing the HSU race, Chico and Nationals races, and the other upcoming races at the team meeting this Wednesday (10/10/12)  in the Rotunda on the 2nd floor of the Knowledge Center, at 8 PM (NOT Room 104).   See you there!

Trevor DeRuise on his way to a Men’s A Cross-Country win at Humboldt

Team Meeting Wednesday, 10/2/12

Team meeting @8PM this Wednesday (10/2/12) in room 104 of the Knowledge Center (1st floor) to discuss the upcoming Humboldt State Mountain Bike Race (in Whiskeytown, CA) and to debrief the uber-successful Sky Tavern race.

Sky Tavern Results are Posted

UNR’s 2012 home mountain bike race exceeded all expectations!  Thanks to all the racers and volunteers that made the event possible, and special thanks to Sky Tavern for providing such a great venue.  Results are now posted!

Nevada racers made it to the podium a whole lot:

Endurance Events:

  • 1st in Men’s A Cross Country (Trevor DeRuise)
  • 1st and 3rd in Men’s B Cross Country (Matt Fanfelle and Jeremy Smith)
  • 2nd in Women’s B/C Cross Country (Katie Ashley) (And Kristin Kosak led the C category, too!)
  • 3nd in Men’s B Short Track (Tanner DeGiovanni)
  • 2nd in Women’s A Short Track (Erica Greif)

Downhill Events:

  • 1st and 2nd in Men’s A Dual Slalom (Casey Coffman and Trevor Thomassen)
  • 2nd in Men’s B Dual Slalom (Christian Parker)
  • 1/2/3 in Women’s B Dual Slalom(Kristin Kosak, Katie Ashley and Megan Ludwig)
  • 2nd in Men’s A Downhill (Casey Coffman)
  • 3nd in Men’s B Downhill (Ross Ramage)
  • 3rd in Women’s B Downhill (Kristin Kosak)

Nevada Cycling’s 2012 Mountain Bike Team at Sky Tavern

Sky Tavern Mountain Bike Race (Continued)

We’ve consolidated the info about the race into it’s own standalone page, with a link to the race flyer and some more info.  Some course details and schedule are subject to change, but there won’t be any huge deviations at this point.  The UNR team is pretty excited about this race, can’t wait to see you there!

UNR Sky Tavern Race