General team meetings are typically held twice a month with additional meetings held intermittently to make travel arrangements for mountain and road races. If you are interested in coming to a meeting to learn more about the team, please send us an email at

4 responses to “Meetings”

  1. Clairese says :

    Are the meetings held at the same time and place, or do you migrate around campus, leaving us constantly hunting for the meeting and time? I am not going to join Facebook, so I hope that you will post the meetings at Yahoo or send out info via email lists.

    Didn’t see anything about team jerseys. Are they for sale at any local shops (like they do at Cal and some other teams)?

    • nevadacycling says :

      Hello Clairese thank you for your interest.

      At this very moment (this semester) our meeting times are every Wednesday at 8pm.

      A jersey order is waiting for delivery and our sponsor shop, Great Basin bicycles, will be carrying our jerseys but you can also get them directly from our jersey officer Chris Dugan.

      Unfortunately the yahoo groups and corresponding mail listserve is no more. Being connected to our riders and community is best done through Facebook and our web page here. Show up to a meeting when you can or if you’re interested in computrainer workouts at Great Basin bikes, Rich Staley the shop owner subsidizes it at a reduced price for us. We do them every Tuesday and Thursday night around 615. Let us know if you’re interested, thanks!

  2. Trevor says :

    Meeting time & place. I will be a first year, fall of 2017

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