Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith. King of Facial hair. Age - unable to compute with 7 hands.

Jeremy Smith. King of Facial hair. Age – unable to compute without 7-12 hands.

Whats your real name?

Jeremy Smith

What year are you?  Major?

Year 2. MS – Land Use Planning and Policy

Specialty (Road/type(s), Mountain/type(s), Freeride, etc)?

Mountain (XC, Super D, I’ll race DH for team points because I’m related to the tooth fairy, so I believe in charity), Cyclocross

Wow cool pic!

Wow cool pic!

How long have you been riding?

6.78 years as of this moment. By the time anyone reads this, that will be inaccurate.

Favorite areas to ride?

I hate to admit it, but Peavine, Galena Creek area, Hole in the Ground, the Chuckanut trails in Bellingham, WA, and Flat Rock Ranch in Comfort, TX.

What’s your favorite food before, during, and after a ride?

At races, I like to eat the extra food Fanfelle brings, but otherwise – Before: almonds, beef jerky, and granola bars, During: shot block type things, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on crazy long rides, After: Smoothies, entire large pizzas, beer, but only after at least 2 hours.

The other riders are respecting their elderly.

The other riders are respecting their elderly.  Go on ahead, Jeremy.


Hobbies? Snowboarding, pointless arguments, theoretical physics.

Most memorable moment of the season?

I try not to remember…but either the little campfire chat with the Sonoma State Mathletics Team and the ensuing conversation regarding astrology, or winning our first NWCCC Championship since 1997….a year during which I was the same age as the rest of the team is now. I was young and handsome in 1997, but now, I’m a champion, a dirty, old champion. I owe everything to John Feeney, my mentor and life coach.

(Jeremy may or may not have been adding this in there to make sure I make him look good…good try though, Jeremy)

What are your plans this upcoming season?

I’m graduating, so collegiate racing is over, but I’m moving back into Cat 1 XC, after a multi- year hiatus. I plan to race in CA, OR, and WA. It’s going to be rad.

Tell us a story…?

Heck, I don’t know any stories. I used to, but I forgot all of them. Wait, no, there was this one time I was  riding the Flume Trail and some other stuff during a snow storm last May. I was bent on getting in a 3+ hour MTB ride I had scheduled. I started out on a trail i’d never ridden with only 4 hours of daylight left, rode up Tunnel to the Fume, and was headed toward the Chimney Beach Downhill. The ice and sand was unfriendly to my bike, and my rear derailleur fell victim to chain suck. I thought I was going to simply shorten my chain and single speed it home. Nope. When you’re wet, and it’s 30 degrees, your hands often will not maintain the dexterity required to work with small objects such as chain pins. So…in my wonderful carbon soled mountain bike shoes, I turned around and ran my bike back to my truck…12 miles or so. It’s important to mention that I only run roughly three times per year, when there is no choice at all, and I’m feeling like a little physical activity. Running is stupid. That run, which ended after dark in blinding snow, cemented the stupidity of running in my mind. The things we do to train. The moral of the story: Follow your dreams!

And who says Chivalry is dead?!

And who says Chivalry is dead?!

Everyone calls you a strava stalker (is that a good thing?) How many KOMs do you currently hold on Strava?

Strava stalker?! I think that applies to everyone on Strava. Why in the hell else would anyone use it? KOMs? Maybe 5ish. Most of them are stupid KOMs on segments which I suspect people of creating because they know no one rides those routes, and they want to look cool. When I see anyone I know get a KOM on some weird route with 30 or fewer entries, and I know that person isn’t particularly fast, I snake the KOM to be a dick, and encourage other people to do the same thing. Its particularly bad when they bring up these KOMs in conversation. You are not allowed to talk about your KOMs, or mention them on Facebook. You may, however, brag about race wins unless they are in the lowest Cat in your discipline.

As of this posting, Jeremy has bragged about 935 strava rides.

As of this posting, Jeremy has bragged about 995 strava rides.  Only 10 of which have actually been confirmed.


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