About the Team

Welcome to the official UNR Cycling Team home page.
Our Mission is to promote all disciplines of cycling, to support club members in achieving their personal cycling goals, to have fun, as well as to travel and work as a team. The University of Nevada, Reno Cycling Team is a club team at the University, which is open to collegiate men and women with undergraduate or graduate status. Members ride together in workshops and weekly team group rides, as well as represent the University in collegiate road, mountain bike, track, and cyclocross races. Team meetings are twice a month throughout the semester on Tuesdays(see our meeting page for more info). The Nevada Cycling Team is affiliated with the National Collegiate Cycling Association (NCCA) and is a member of the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference (WCCC).
Team Accomplishments
The Nevada Cycling team is quickly gaining national recognition on both the mountain and the road. Here are just a few of the team’s accomplishments in recent years:
  • 2015:  Last season went very well for the team. In the WCCC conference, Tanner DeGiovanni took 6th in the Men’s A individual omnium while freshmen Larry Sussman and Austin Wolfe finished 1st and 2nd in the Men’s B category. UNR also racked up 10 individual wins throughout the season including a sweep at our home race in downhill. UNR also sweeped the Battleborn Enduro Expert podium thanks to great rides by Tanner, Larry, and alum Curtis Duncan.
  • 2014:  Matt Fanfelle, Ross Ramage, Oakley Erickson, and Tyler Hansen returned to North Carolina once again for collegiate mountain bike nationals. Tyler Hansen placed 12th in dual slalom and 22nd in downhill. Matt Fanfelle placed 14th in the individual omnium. In the WCCC conference, Tyler Hansen took 3rd overall in Men’s A Gravity omnium with Oakley Erickson taking 5th and Tanner DeGiovanni 10th. Tom Steuer took 3rd in Men’s B Gravity omnium.
  • 2013:  This was a building season as UNR sent Travis Homan, Matt Fanfelle, Ross Ramage, Oakley Erickson, and Tyler Hansen to collegiate mountain bike nationals in North Carolina. Tyler Hansen placed 7th in the downhill, 18th in the dual slalom at nationals and secured a 4th place overall for Men’s A Gravity in the WCCC conference.
  • 2012:  Improving upon previous gains and results the team placed 9th overall at Nationals, and managed to stay competitive against other fully funded division 1 teams.  Casey Coffman placed 5th overall at nationals along with 1st for the mountain bike season omnium total points.  Kristy Peck, Megan Ludwig, and Tanner DeGiovanni all placed 1st overall in their respective categories for omnium total points providing UNR cycling with a strong base foundation for next season.  Road season had numerous top 5 finishes by riders CJ Dudley, Scot Fergusen, Pete Morris, and Erica Grief who in a single season has moved from category 5 to category 2 and will be attending road bike national championships in 2013 competing with many regional professional racers.
  • 2011: UNR’s mountain bike team had a great season, especially in downhill events.  At the Collegiate National Championships, Andrea Napoli became UNR’s second U.S. National Champion by winning the Women’s Downhill event and  Dani Griffo shared the podium with a 3rd place finish.  Jon Wilson placed 7th in the Men’s Downhill event. In total, nine UNR racers competed at Nationals, rounding out a season filled with numerous first-place finishes. Nevada had its top road racing season, sending team members CJ Dudley, Pete Morris and Robby Liebherr to compete in the National Road Championships. Earlier in the season, CJ Dudley won the UC Santa Barbara Criterium and Pete Morris placed 2nd at Humboldt State’s Road Race.
  • 2010: Three UNR riders (CJ Dudley, Robby Liebherr, and Pete Morris) qualified for Road Bike Nationals in Madison, WI. In 2009, Scot Ferguson also attended Nationals at Madison.
  • 2009: UNR proudly co-hosted the Mountain Bike National Championships in 2009 at Northstar at Tahoe and claimed a National Championship Jersey with Jon Wilson’s first place finish in 4 cross! UNR again co-hosted MTB nationals w/ UC Berkeley in 2010 at Northstar.
  • 2005: UNR took third place overall for the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference for mountain biking.
  • 2004: The club sent 12 riders to mountain bike nationals in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania and finished the 2004 mountain bike season by placing second in the conference and sixth at nationals. UNR also took third place overall for the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference (WCCC) in 2005.
  • 1998: The Team hosted the NCCA Mountain Bike National Championships in Reno, Nevada.

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