UNR riders dominate at Humboldt State

The Wolf Pack racers returned victorious from Humboldt State’s race in Whiskeytown, CA.  Nearly every podium in the race had a spot filled by Nevada!  Full results are here.

  • UNR’s Trevor DeRuise took 1st place in Men’s A Cross-Country.
  • Casey Coffman placed 1st in Men’s A Super-D.
  • Katie Ashley took 2nd in Women’s A Downhill.
  • Kristy Peck took 3rd in the Women’s A Super-D.
  • Matt Fanfelle placed 3rd in Men’s A Hill Climb (which was pure suffering by all accounts).
  • Tanner DeGiovanni ransacked the Men’s B categories, with a win in Men’s B XC, 3rd in Super D, and 3rd in the Hill Climb!
  • Megan Ludwig took 3rd in the Women’s B hill Climb (closely followed by Kristin Kosak in 4th).
  • John Feeney took 3rd in Men’s C Cross-Country and 2nd in the Mens Hill Climb.

With those podium finishes and lots of entries in the top ten, UNR is now leading the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference in overall points!  Several riders are also now qualified for Nationals in Angelfire, NM, which is coming up in only a couple weeks.

We’ll be discussing the HSU race, Chico and Nationals races, and the other upcoming races at the team meeting this Wednesday (10/10/12)  in the Rotunda on the 2nd floor of the Knowledge Center, at 8 PM (NOT Room 104).   See you there!

Trevor DeRuise on his way to a Men’s A Cross-Country win at Humboldt

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